The Chennai Education Centre

We are a Krishnamurti Education Centre located in the village of Elimichampet & Vallipuram about 75 Km from  Chennai. The centre comprises   Pathashaala a small residential school with facilities for students and staff and Outreach programmes.

Pathashaala was born of the unsought opportunity when a large piece of land, 70 km from Chennai, was offered for purchase to KFI. A slow trajectory was accepted as the developmental journey of this project since there was no compulsion to expand. More details are available at the link History of Pathashaala – The Vallipuram project of The School.

Incubating the Pathashaala campus and school was a very special effort of the staff of The School and both entities were under one administrative structure from 2001 to 2012.From the academic year 2012 Pathashaala campus is administratively independent of The School. This has been decided considering the challenges faced by The School to relocate and Pathashaala to develop suitably.